Colorado Business

Business is what really drives the economy and creates opportunity and jobs for citizens in Colorado. As a firm, we believe in creating the optimum environment in our state to attract and retain businesses of all kinds. You will might consider your own luck download cleopatra slot game. We have a proven track record in keeping business in the forefront of everyone’s minds in the Colorado General Assembly. We have:

    • Spearheaded the business community support for the passage of the College Opportunity Fund Act.
    • Amended the Enterprise Zone law to streamline the application for and the existence of enterprise zone incentives and business incentive agreements to stabilize the attraction of primary employers to the State of Colorado.
    • Established a temporary partial refund of Business Personal Property Tax to commercial taxpayers.
    • Safeguarded Economic Development Incentives from JBC reductions.
    • Lobbied for business incentives for Colorado employers to include job tax credit for creation of new jobs and enterprise zone tax credits for equipment.
    • Counseled and advised client on Use Tax for a few local jurisdictions
    • Collaborated with NFIB, CASI, and Dept. of Labor on the unemployment fund legislation in 2011.
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