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Colorado Business Owner, We have formed a political committee in Colorado with a business focus. Over the past several years, we have seen a significant erosion of the principles of business that have made our state a great place to do business. Mandates, new fees, new regulatory oversight that is costing Colorado businesses millions of dollars and threatens our future to grow and develop. Our mission is simple: Recruit- Nominate- Elect- true business friendly legislators and state wide office holders who will support Colorado business legislation and policy.

We want Colorado to return to a business friendly environment so that business can prosper. We encourage you to join us in changing the direction of this state concerning business. We will impact the candidate selection process to find and elect business friendly policy makers. This is not a short-term effort but one we must continue with for the long term. We are looking for business owners who will not only invest is this process but who will work with us to find/recruit business friendly candidates in key senate/house races. Join us by donating $5,000 or more to our effort to restore business and let’s take back Colorado.

If have any questions, contact R J Hicks of Restore Colorado Business.

303-916-4414 | RJ@lobbyco.com