Lobbying – Actively monitor, respond to, and amend legislation introduced at the state general assembly that has impacts on the client’s public policy goals and objectives.

Legislation Work – Review legislation and identify bills of interest to the client. Provide legislative updates, reports, position paper drafts, fact sheets, session reports, weekly status sheets, and yearly legislative report cards based on client issues.

Government Relations -Develop and maintain professional relationships with members of the General Assembly and throughout Colorado governmental offices. Attend all meetings with client’s policy staff, executive staff or others as needed during the session. Coordinate and schedule client interaction with members of general assembly, Governor’s staff or executive agencies as needed. Assist in client preparation for committee testimony and also with testify on client’s behalf if desired.

Legislator Education -Educate members of the general assembly, Governor’s policy staff and executive branch agencies about client’s business issues and public policy goals.

Legislation Preparation -Obtain sponsorship for desired legislation. Work with sponsors and drafters to ensure accurate language.Assist in client and sponsor preparation for committee testimony and also will testify on client’s behalf if desired.

Public Policy Planning– Provide public policy guidance to the client on issues and policy directions to assist client in obtaining public policy goals.

Legislative Analysis -Review issues, legislation and regulations to determine impact on clients goals and objectives.

Coalition Building -Identify and establish coalitions among similar groups and organizations to work together to achieve desired outcomes.

Regulatory Issues -Watch, review regulatory issues and proposed rule changes as they pertain to the client.

Communication– Provide all communications in electronic format to theclient and provide oral briefings as needed. Establish the necessary communication channels to the client as needed on issues before the general assembly or regulatory agencies